The next time a friend tells me they don’t “get” French wines by Wine Predator

arrogant frog wines

« During the tasting, Jean-Claude said that he makes wines that are just as good the following day–which is not true of a lot of wines in the $10 price range in my experience. Often, the wines that are at this [rice point are too flabby (too much fruit adn not enough acids) and they fall apart. While I can’t speak for the Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay because I gave those to Brittany and Lucas to enjoy and finish, I can say that the sauv blanc and the cab sauv held up.

The only thing that would make this wine better, more ecological and better for our lily pad? Take it out of the bottle and put it in a box! This would be a great wine for a picnic, camping, or a party or to keep around the kitchen for cooking or when you just want a simple glass of wine and not open a whole bottle. »

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